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IUPAP Report 41
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A worldwide overview of research facilities in nuclear physics prepared by Working Group WG.9

The report can be accessed as a pdf file by clicking here.
(updated October 2018)

Appendix to IUPAP Report 41 - Septemeber 2019


Addendum to IUPAP Report 41

With the very large efforts in the search for neutrino-less double beta-decay, with kilo ton detectors, the search for interactions of dark matter particles with atomic nuclei, and the search of neutrino oscillations with signatures of CP violation, the latter with humongous detectors, all involving basic nuclear physics/nuclear science aspects, we have asked  for a compilation with descriptions of the deep underground science facilities worldwide to be attached as an addendum to IUPAP Report 41. Nigel J.T. Smith, Executive Director of SNOLAB, has kindly provided this compilation of 15 deep underground science laboratories.
We would like to express thanks to Nigel Smith for providing this set of descriptions. The addendum will be published as an integral part of IUPAP Report 41, but can also be accessed separately.

Willem T. H. van Oers

Secretary of IUPAP WG.9

TRIUMF, September 19, 2018


Addendum to Report 41

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