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IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Adelaide Convention Center, September 11, 2016



Robert E. Tribble – Chair, Texas A&M, USA
Anthony W. Thomas – Past-Chair, U. of Adelaide, SA, Australia
Willem T.H. van Oers – Secretary, TRIUMF/U. of Manitoba, Canada
Faical Azaiez – Director i’Themba Laboratories, Zuid-Afrika
Jonathan Bagger – Director TRIUMF, Canada
Angela Bracco – Chair NuPECC, INFN-Milano, Italy
Hideto En’yo – Director RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator Based Science, Japan
Donald F. Geesaman - Past-Chair NSAC, ANL, USA
Karlheinz Langanke – Scientific Director GSI, Germany
Alinka Lepine-Szily – Co-Chair ALAFNA, U. de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dong-Pil Min – Chair ANPhA, Seoul National University, Korea
Hugh Montgomery – Director Jefferson Laboratory, USA
Naohito Saito – Director J-PARC, Japan
Yanlin Ye – Past-Chair ANPhA, Beijing University, China
Wenlong Zhan – Vice-President Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Pierluigi Campana – Director Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy
Dominique Guillemaud-Mueller – Deputy-Director IN2P3/CNRS, France
Victor A. Matveev – Director JINR, Dubna, Russia
Berndt Mueller – Associate-Director BNL, USA
Guenther Rossner – Past-Chair NuPECC, Glasgow University, UK


Dinesh Srivastava – Director VECC, Kolkata, India
Thomas Glasmacher – Director FRIB, USA

Members of IUPAP C12 present as observers:
                  Ani  Aprahamian, University of Notre Dame, USA
                  Mahananda Dasgupta, Australia National University
                  Claes Fahlander, Lunds Universitet, Sweden
                  Rauno Julin, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
                  Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF, Canada
                  Weiping Liu, China Institute of Atomic Energy, China
                  Joachim Stroth, Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt, Germany
                  Hirokazu Tamura, Tohoku University, Japan  
                  Piet van Duppen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Guests:    Abhay Deshpande, SUNY at Stony Brook, USA
              Paolo Giubellino, Incoming Director GSI, Germany
              Marek Lewitowicz, GANIL, France
              Paul Mantica, FRIB, USA
              Bruce H. J. McKellar, President IUPAP, Australia
              Andrew Stuchbery, Australia National University, Australia

Words of Welcome by the Chair Robert E. Tribble and the President of IUPAP Bruce H. J. McKellar

Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of the last AGM held at SURA Headquarters on June 5, 2015

Current Membership of IUPAP WG.9:
On behalf of the Executive of IUPAP WG.9 the Chair welcomed the following new members:

  • As of February 1, 2016, Faical Azaiez is the Director of i’Themba Laboratories replacing Kobus Lawrie as member of IUPAP WG.9.
  • As of May 1, 2016, the Chair of NSAC is David W. Hertzog of the University of Washington and Donald F. Geesaman is then the Past-Chair of NSAC; both are members of IUPAP WG.9, Susan Seestrom of LANL as former Past-Chair of NSAC is rotating off IUPAP WG.9.
  • As of September 1, 2016, Dominique Guillemaud-Mueller is resigning as Deputy-Director of IN2P3/CNRS and will be replaced on IUPAP WG.9.
  • As of January 1, 2017, Paolo Giubellino will be the Director of GSI replacing Karlheinz Langanke as member of IUPAP WG.9.

Letters of thanks for their serving on IUPAP WG.9 will be send to Kobus Lawrie, Susan Seestrom, Dominique Guillemaud-Mueller, and Karlheinz Langanke (for the latter on December 31, 2016).
Upon the proposal made by Dong-Pil Min, as the Chair of ANPhA, it was decided that the Director of the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) in Korea, Sun-Chan Jeong, be made a member of IUPAP WG.9 (Letter of invitation to be send).
A discussion followed about representation of the Deep Underground Science Laboratories, those with substantive nuclear physics research programs like neutrino-less double beta-decay (to name a few: the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, SNOLAB, SURF). A background note will be prepared by the Secretary and circulated for further discussion.

The current membership of IUPAP WG.9 can be found on the website:
   ( )

IUPAP Council and Committee Chairs (C&CC) Meetings:                 
The most recent one was held using e-mail in the period October 27 to November 12, 2015. IUPAP WG.9 submitted a report of activities, which was previously circulated.  The next C&CC meeting will take place in October 2016 or November 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. A report on activities of IUPAP WG.9 will be submitted. The next IUPAP General Assembly meeting will take place in 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

IUPAP Report 41:
The present electronic version of IUPAP Report 41 can be found on the above given website and needs to be updated.
First of all the compilation of nuclear physics facilities in the report should only contain those facilities with a defined Users Organization and with the execution of research proposals at these facilities upon the recommendation of a Program Advisory Committee. The request formulated at the AGM is for the Chairs and Past-Chairs of ANPhA, NSAC, and NuPECC to obtain edited versions of the nuclear physics facilities’ descriptions for their areas of representation (note that there may be nuclear physics facilities not yet contained in the report). The same request is made to the Co-Chair of ALAFNA for nuclear physics facilities in South-America. The deadline for the updated descriptions needs to be August 1, 2017. The nuclear physics facilities not meeting the above criteria will appear in an appendix to IUPAP Report 41.
Secondly, with the next Nuclear Science Symposium (within the two year cycle requested by the government representatives in 2015) slated to take place just prior to PANIC 2017, it appears most expedient to obtain new versions of the descriptions of the most important questions in nuclear physics to be addressed through theoretical and experimental research efforts immediately following the presentations at the 2017 Nuclear Science Symposium. The Introduction in IUPAP Report 41 contained an Executive Summary and sections under the headings of ‘Low Energy Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics’, ‘Hadronic Nuclear Physics’, ‘QCD and Quark Matter’, ‘Fundamental Symmetries’, and ‘Nuclear Physics: Basic Research serving Society’. Detailed information will be forthcoming.

The Long Range Plans:
Presentations of the various long range plans followed.

  • ANPhA [Dong-Pil Min]

Material:  Slides

  • NSERC and status of ARIEL [Jonathan Bagger]

Material:  Slides

  • NSAC [Donald F. Geesaman]

Material:  Slides

  • NuPECC [Angela Bracco]

Material:  Slides

  • ALAFNA [Alinka Lepine-Szily]

Material:  Slides

With the AGM for the first time taking place in Australia an overview of nuclear and particle physics was requested to be given [Andrew Stuchbery]
Materal:  Slides

The status of facility construction (ongoing or pending) and nuclear science:

  • JLab - the research program following the completion of the 12 GeV upgrade of CEBAF [Hugh Montgomery]

Material:  Slides

  • FAIR  [Karlheinz Langanke]

The presentation started with the introduction of the incoming director of FAIR – Paolo Giubellino. A further important announcement followed in that the German Government (BMBF) has given official fiat to the construction of the FAIR facility.
Material:  Slides

  • FRIB [Paul Mantica]

Material: Slides

  • RIKEN/RIBF – update [Hideto En’yo]

The presentation included the request for an acknowledgement of the intention of RIKEN to impose on all users a financial charge for the operation of the RIBF facility. Chargers to the users of a facility towards its operation have been discussed in previous IUPAP WG.9 meetings (see the minutes of previous meetings). An animated discussion followed [J. B. , P. G. , K. L. , D. F. G. , A. B. , A. D. ]. The conclusion is that this would set a precedent in opening up the possibility of imposing charges towards the operation at all other facilities and open access to conduct scientific research would be seriously impacted. Even though the total amount would be only USD 1M out of an operation budget of USD 80M, the intention expressed by RIKEN/RIBF will be withdrawn.
Material:  Slides

  • Approved facility construction in China [Wenlong Zhan]

Material:  Slides

  • SPIRAL II – update [Marek Lewitowicz]

Material:  Slides

  • J-PARC – update [Naohito Saito]

Material:  Slides

The NSAC Long Range Plan contained the recommendation for the construction of an electron-ion collider following the realization of FRIB at MSU. Consequently a review of the science to be addressed as well as the status of planning for an EIC appeared to be of importance to be included in the IUPAP WG.9 meeting [Abhay Deshpande]
Material:  Slides

Strong support is requested from IUPAP WG.9 for the South-African Isotopes Facilities (I’Themba Laboratories at Faure, Cape Town [Kaapstad], and Gauteng)
Overview of nuclear science in Africa [Faical Azaiez]
Material:  Slides

Future Nuclear Science Symposium:
Acting on the request made by the government representatives at the 2015 Nuclear Science Symposium held at SURA Headquarters in Washington, DC, on June 4, 2015, to follow a biennial cycle, the next Nuclear Science Symposium needs to take place in 2017. It is then proposed to schedule the next Nuclear Science Symposium, the IUPAP WG.9 AGM, and the IUPAP C12 AGM in a venue in Tokyo on three days immediately prior to the start of PANIC 2017 on August 28, 2017. Further details are to follow.

The IUPAP WG.9 AGM ended with a Working Dinner at Hentley Farm in the Barossa valley with further discussion of some of the items of the meeting.

Thanks are expressed to Anthony Thomas, Organizer of INPC 2016, and his staff of SSSM at the University of Adelaide for the kind hospitality provided.


TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, September 23, 2016

Willem T. H. van Oers, Secretary of IUPAP WG.9  








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