International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

WG.9: Working Group on International Cooperation
in Nuclear Physics (ICNP)


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The IUPAP Working Group, WG.9, has the following Mandate:

  1. provide a description of the landscape of key issues in Nuclear Physics research for the next 10 to 20 years
  2. produce (maintain) a compendium of facilities existing or under development worldwide
  3. establish a mapping of these facilities onto the scientific questions identified above
  4. identify missing components that would have to be developed to provide an optimized, comprehensive network of international facilities
  5. explore mechanisms and opportunities for enhancing international collaboration in nuclear science
  6. identify R/D projects that could benefit from international joint effort
  7. serve as a source of expert advice for governmental or inter-governmental organizations in connection with efforts to coordinate and promote nuclear science at the international level
  8. serve as a forum for the discussion of future directions of nuclear science in the broadest sense
  9. document the cross disciplinary impact of Nuclear Physics and of nuclear facilities and identify mechanisms for expanding (fostering) cross disciplinary research
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