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IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting
(now as a virtual meeting) scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 10, 11, 12, 2021

[ Note all times are in PDT which implies 9 hours later in Western-European countries and 8 hours earlier in Tokyo, Japan, and 9 hours earlier in Beijing, China {but on the next day} ]



Agenda, Thursday, June 10, 2021

Chair/Moderator - Robert E. Tribble [BNL]  

06:00 Opening remarks by the Chair Angela Bracco
  • Minutes of the past AGM held at the University of Notre Dame London Global Gateway, August 2-3, 2019, have been circulated with no comments received.
  • Current membership of IUPAP WG.9
  • Next IUPAP WG.9 AGM with a Nuclear Science Symposium in 2022
  • IUPAP Report 41 (updating)
06:30 Machine Learning and Nuclear Physics’ [James Vary, Iowa State U.]
07:15 Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Medicine’ [Suzanne Lapi, University of Alabama at Birmingham]
08:00  The Quest for the Super-heavy Elements’ [James P. Roberto, ORNL]
08:45 Intermezzo
09:00 Accelerator Driven Systems for Nuclear Reactors [Hamid Ait Abderrahim, MYRRHA]
09:45 Advent of the Electron-Ion Collider’ [Berndt Surrow, Temple U.]
10:30 ‘Nuclear Science in China – Present and Future’ Yu-Gang Ma, Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University, China] (see Weiping Liu on Friday, June 11)
11:15 Continued the next day 


Agenda continued, Friday, June 11, 2021

Chair/Moderator – Angela Bracco [INFN-Milano]                                                               
                Long Range Plan Reports

06:00 Asia Nuclear Physics Association (Chair ANPhA), [Weiping Liu, CIAE]
06:30 Nuclear Science Advisory Committee of USA (Chair NSAC), [Gail Dodge, Old Dominion University]
07:00   Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (Chair NuPEcc0, [Marek Lewitowicz, GANIL]
07:30 Nuclear Science in Latin-America (Co-Chair ALAFNA),[Alinka Lepine-Szily, ISP, Sao Paulo]
08:00 Nuclear Physics in Africa, SAIF and IThemba Laboratories,[Faical Azaiez, IThemba Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences]
08:30 Intermezzo
08:45 Report from IUPAP C12 (Chair of C12), [Claes Fahlander, Lund]
09:15 Update on Deep Underground Research Facilities [Jeter Hall, SNOLAB]
09:45 GANIL – Important Milestones [Navin Alahari, GANIL]
10:15 Long Range Planning for TRIUMF [Nigel Smith, TRIUMF]
10:45  Nuclear Data Evaluations [Iris Dillmann, TRIUMF, Libby McCutchan and Dave Brown, NNDC/BNL]
11:15  Adjourn
  Continued the next day



Chair/Moderator – Claes Fahlander [Lunds Universitet]   
                  Agenda,  TBA, Saturday June 12, 2021


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