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IUPAP Working Group [WG.9] on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics
Annual General Meeting, July 11, 2014
Venue: GSI, Directorates Room, SB1 4.101


09:00    Adoption of the Agenda; Approval of the Minutes of the last AGM held at Laboratori
Nazionali di Frascati on June 1, 2013 (for the Minutes see:

  • Composition of IUPAP WG.9 (changes in the membership )
  • The IUPAP General Assembly, Singapore, November 5 - 7, 2014
  • Current IUPAP WG.9 Membership:

   Robert E. Tribble – Chair, USA
   Anthony W. Thomas – Past-Chair, Australia
   Willem T.H. van Oers – Secretary, Canada
*  Jonathan Bagger – Director TRIUMF, Canada
   Angela Bracco – Chair of NuPECC, Italy
   Umberto Dosselli – Director Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy
   Hideto En’yo – Director RIKEN, Japan
   Donald F. Geesaman – Chair of NSAC, USA
   C. Konrad Gelbke – Director NSCL, USA
   Dominique Guillemaud-Mueller – Deputy-Director IN2P3/CNRS, France
*  Kobus Lawrie – Acting-Director I’Themba Laboratories, South-Africa
   Alinka Lepine-Szily – Co-Chair of ALAFNA, Brazil
   Victor A. Matveev – Director JINR-Dubna, Russia
   Dong-Pil Min – Chair of ANPhA, Korea
   Hugh Montgomery – Director Jefferson Laboratory, USA
   Berndt Mueller – Associate-Director BNL, USA
   Guenther Rosner – Past-Chair of NuPECC, Germany
   Naohito Saito – Deputy-Director J-PARC, Japan
   Hideyuki Sakai – Chair of IUPAP C12, Japan
   Susan Seestrom – Past-Chair of NSAC, USA
*  Dinesh Srivastava - Director VECC, India
   Horst Stoecker – Director GSI, Germany
   Yanlin Ye – Past-Chair of APNPhA, China
   Wenlong Zhan – Vice-President Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Report by the Secretary – IUPAP Report 41 (for the updated electronic version see:

Long Range Plans (Reports and Updates)

09:15       ALAFNA             – Alinka Lepine Szily (Universidade de Sao Paulo)
                                       also comments about the 'Brazil Scientific Mobility Program and

09:45       ANPHA               - Hideyuki Sakai (RIKEN)
                                         also comments about the status of RISP and comments on the                                          status of J-PARC by Naohito Saito

10:15       NSAC                 - Donald F, Geesaman (ANL)
                                         The new NSAC Long Range Plan Exercise

10:45       Refreshments break

11:00       NuPECC               - Angela Bracco (Universita di Milano)
                                         Implementation of the 2010 NUPECC Long Range Plan

11:30       TRIUMF/NSERC      – Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF)
                                          TRIUMF Long Range Plan and NSERC Long Range Plan

12:00       Electron-Ion Collider for Nuclear and Particle Physics
                                        - Hugh Montgomery (Jefferson Laboratory)

12:30      Lunch

13:30      Report by the Chair: Evaluation of the Nuclear Science Symposia (in particular
                                          the one held at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati on May 31 -
                                          June 1, 2013

14:00      Nuclear Physics for Medicine (a possible undertaking through IUPAP WG.9 ?)
             comments by Angela Bracco and Reiner Kruecken

Other initiatives of IUPAP WG.9 ?

14:15      Nuclear Physics in Germany – Joachim Stroth (GSI/Goethe Universtaet Frankfurt)

14:45      Funding Discussions (in light of previous expressed concerns about charges for
             operating facilities)

15:15      Status of Fair – Boris Sharkov (FAIR)

15:45      AOB [next IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting]

16:00      Refreshment break

16:15      Tour of GSI

19:00      Working dinner (Hotel Johanneshof in Egelsbach)

[Members of IUPAP WG.9 are invited to attend as observers the meeting of IUPAP C12 on Saturday, July 12, at the Hotel Johanneshof in Egelsbach.]

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