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IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting at RIKEN, Tokyo, August 17, 2012

Agenda for the IUPAP WG.9 meeting

Friday, August 17, 2012

 at the Nishina Research Center (RIKEN)


Words of Welcome and Opening Remarks [Masaaki Tanaka , RIKEN]


1) Report by the Chair Robert E. Tribble:

  • Updating the website version of IUPAP Report 41, see []
  • "Executive Summary" [Antony W. Thomas]
  • "Hadronic Nuclear Physics" [Gunther Rosner]
  • A new road map for Nuclear Science needs to be written following the Nuclear Science Symposium in 2013.
  • Planning and organizing the IUPAP WG.9 Nuclear Science Symposium (with the lead-proponents of nuclear physics, laboratory directors, science administrators, and government representatives (further discussions as a later agenda item).
  • It has been suggested that at the Nuclear Science Symposium in 2013, the opportunity be given to government science administrators and other government representatives to meet as a group 'in camera'.
  • Current composition of IUPAP WG.9

2) Report by the Secretary on the IUPAP General Assembly meeting at the IOP in London, UK, November 2-4, 2011.
for the Report to IUPAP C&CC see the above website


3) Reports on the various Long Range Plans (status and implementation)

            All talks are scheduled for 30 minutes duration


4) Report on Nuclear Physics in Africa [Zeblon Vilakazi]


luncheon break


5) Status of and planned facilities for Nuclear Physics in Korea



6) Status of and planned facilities for Nuclear Physics in China

[Wenlong Zhan]


7) The future meetings of IUPAP WG.9: the Nuclear Science Symposium and the next annual general meeting at ICNP 2013 in Florence or at INFN in Rome, Italy.

[comments by Angela Bracco]

TO) PROPERLY PLAN for the 2013 Nuclear Science Symposium input
           is needed about the various long range plans, about nuclear
           facilities under construction and planned, and about what the
           science-funding administrators in government would like to
           receive as recommendations from the symposium.

           Thus we would like to ask the members of IUPAP WG.9 to contact
           their government science administrators about in what form the
           synopsis/conclusions/recommendations of the Nuclear Science
           Symposium they would like to receive.


8) Funding discussions in light of the charges to users proposed at the large nuclear physics facilities.


9) Working dinner for the members of IUPAP WG.9 at the Hotel Metropolitan at Ikebukuro (Polaris Room on 25F)


! NOTE that the draft minutes of the IUPAP WG.9 AGM held at MIT on
 ! July 24, 2011, could be found at the website
 ! [] for your perusal
 ! with important action items.

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