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IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting at MIT, July 24, 2011
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Annual General Meeting

IUPAP Working Group [WG.9] on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics
Annual General Meeting, July 24, 2011

Venue: MIT, Building 26, Room 414 'Kolker Room'


09:30 Adoption of the Agenda; Approval of the Minutes of the last AGM held at TRIUMF on July 4, 2010 (for the minutes see: )
Report by the Chair - IUPAP Report 41 (electronic version with introduction to the roadmap for nuclear physics):
and with further comments by the Secretary.
10:00 Reporting to the IUPAP C&CC meetings Planning the 2013 IUPAP WG.9 meeting with the proponents of nuclear physics and science administrators and government representatives.
10:30 Composition of IUPAP WG.9 (for the composition as of January 1, 2011, see the IUPAP WG.9 website) – report by the Chair.
10:45 Reports on the various Long Range Plans (25 minutes each):
- NuPECC (report released December 10, 2010) [Guenther Rosner]
- NSERC-Canada (report to be submitted to NSERC in September 2011) [Jean-Michel Poutissou for Nigel Lockyer]
- NSAC (updates and planning for the 2013 LRP) [Susan Seestrom]
- ANPhA (Asia Nuclear Physics Association) (Japan Long Range Plan exercise currently ongoing) [Hideyuki Sakai]
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Further detailed reports (20 minutes each)
- The status of FAIR [Guenther Rosner for Horst Stoecker]
- The status of FRIB [C. Conrad Gelbke]
- The status of JLab 12 GeV [Hugh Montgomery]
- The status of SPIRAL-II [Sydney Gales]
- Electron-Ion Colliders [Samuel Aronson]
- The status of SuperB [Douglas Roberts for Umberto Dosselli]
15:30 Report on the status of ALAFNA (Associacion Latino Americana de Fisica Nuclear y Aplicaciones) [Alinka Lepine-Szily]
15:45 Refreshment Break
16:00 Nuclear Physics in Africa [Zeblon Vilakazi]
16:30 Discussion about the overall funding situation for Nuclear Physics
[Guenther Rosner, Jean-Michel Poutissou, Susan Seestrom, Hideyuki Sakai]
17:00 The OECD Global Science Forum Report of the Working Group on Astroparticle Physics: Nuclear Astrophysics is missing! [Donald Geeesaman]
17:30 Future meetings of IUPAP WG.9 (Report by the Secretary)
18:30 Working dinner (hosted by IUPAP) at the Restaurant 'Legal Sea Food', Cambridge, Kendall Square, Tel: 617-864-3400.

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