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IUPAP WG.9 Two-Day Symposium at TRIUMF, July 2-3, 2010
IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting at TRIUMF, July 4, 2010
Program IUPAP WG.9
Two-Day Symposium at TRIUMF

Location: TRIUMF Auditorium

Friday, July 2, 2010

09:00 Welcome – Nigel Lockyer
09:10 Mandate given IUPAP WG.9 by the OECD Global Science Forum –
          Anthony W. Thomas
09:30 Nuclear Physics in North-America presentations [Chair Nigel Lockyer - TRIUMF]
          Nuclear Physics at Rare-Isotope Facilities in North-America – Bradley Sherrill [MSU]
10:00 The Science with DUSEL and SNOLAB – Nigel Smith [SNOLAB]
10:30 Refreshments Break
10:45 With RHIC and its Upgrade – William Zajc [Columbia U.]
11;15 QCD and Hadron Structure with the JLab Upgrade – Robert D. McKeown  [JLab]
11:45 QCD and Hadron Structure with an Electron-Ion Collider – Abhay L. Deshpande
         [SUNY at Stony Brook]
12:15 Towards a New Standard Model – Stuart J. Freedman [UC-Berkeley]

13:00 Lunch

14:00  ANPhA presentations [Chair Shoji Nagamiya – J-PARC]
           Introduction – Hideyuki Sakai [U.of Tokyo]
14:15  Nuclear Physics at J-PARC – Tomofumi Nagae [Kyoto U.]
14:45  Nuclear Physics at RIKEN – Hiroyoshi Sakurai [RIKEN[
15:15 The RIB Project KoRIA – Seung-Woo Hong [Sungkyuankwan U.]
15:45  Refreshments Break
16:00  Nuclear Physics Research in China – CIAE Perspective – Weiping Liu [CIAE]
16:20  Nuclear Physics Research in China – IMPCAS Perspective – Wenlong Zhan [IMPCAS]
16:40  Nuclear Physics Research in India – Bikash Sinha [VEC]

17:10 Tour of TRIUMF

18:30 Reception hosted by TRIUMF

Saturday, July 3, 2010

09:00 NuPECC Presentations [Chair Sydney Gales – IN2P3/GANIL]
          Introduction – Guenther Rosner – Glasgow U.]
09:15 The ESF/NuPECC Long Range Plan 2010 – Guenther Rosner [Glasgow U.]
09:30 EU Framework Programs in Nuclear Structure and Hadron Physics

10:15 Refreshments Break
10:30 Nuclear Physics at GSI and FAIR – Joachim Stroth [GSI]
                                                    – Boris Sharkov [FAIR]
11:00 Nuclear Physics at GANIL and SPIRAL2 – Sydney Gales [IN2P3/GANIL]
11:30 Nuclear Physics at CERN – Jens Joergen Gaardhoeje [NBI and CERN]

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Synopsis and Discussions [Chair Jean-Michel Poutissou - TRIUMF]
          Latin-American Collaboration in Nuclear Physics – Alinka Lepine-Szily – U. de Sao Paulo
14:00 Nuclear Physics Research in Africa – Zeblon Vilakazi  [iThemba Laboratory]
14:30 Synopsis of the Presentations – Robert Tribble [Texas A&M]
15:15 First Round Table Discussion “Nuclear Physics Present and Future” -  
          Representatives of NSAC/TRIUMF, ANPhA, NuPECC, Latin-America
16:00 Second Round Table Discussion “Nuclear Physics Present and Future” –
          Representatives of the Funding Agencies and Science Administrators

          Concluding Remarks – Anthony W. Thomas

Please click on the names to view a copy of the presentations in either pdf or ppt formats.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting
(for members of IUPAP WG.9 and IUPAP C12)

13:30 IUPAP WG.9 Annual General Meeting
          Report by the Chair – Anthony W. Thomas
14:00 Updating the Introduction to IUPAP Report 41 – Willem T.H. van Oers
14:30 Reports from NSAC, TRIUMF, ANPhA, NuPECC
15:30 Membership of IUPAP WG.9 and Interactions with IUPAP C&CC –
          Anthony W. Thomas
16:00 Adjourn

18:30 Working Dinner for members of IUPAP WG.9

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