2007 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Nuclear Physics

Prize Winners and Citations


1. Professor Rainer J. Fries
  Texas A&M University
  College Station
  Texas , USA
Citation: "For his seminal contributions to our understanding of relativistic heavy-ion collisions and the quark-gluon plasma, in particular the valence-quark recombination of hadrons from the thermal, deconfined partonic medium and direct photon radiation from scattered partons"

Title of talk for the INPC2007 Prize Session:

"Quark and Gluon Degrees of Freedom in High-Energy Heavy Ion Collisions"


2 Dr. Kimiko Sekiguchi
  RIKEN Nishina Centre
  Wako , Japan
Citation: "For her precise measurements of intermediate-energy proton-deuteron scattering and deuteron break-up including spin degrees of freedom which led to establish firmly three-nucleon force effects and stimulate their theoretical developments"

Title of talk for the INPC2007 Prize Session:

"Exploring Three-Nucleon Forces with Nucleon-Deuteron Scattering"


3 Dr. Yuri A. Litvinov
  GSI, Helmholtz Centre for Ion Research
  Darmstadt , Germany
Citation: "For his seminal contributions to the development of the novel technique of broad-band, high-accuracy mass and lifetime measurements in a high-energy ion-storage ring, down to single ion sensitivity, and its innovative use in nuclear property measurements far off stability"

Title of talk for the INPC2007 Prize Session:

"Nuclear Properties far off Stability from Broad-Band Mass and Lifetime Measurements in a Storage Ring"